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Learn about ‘psychic abilities’ and how you can easily develop your own abilities to find personal fulfillment and happiness in life!

Improve all aspects of your life including your relationships, finances and health.

Begin to awaken your dormant psychic abilities today!

Spiritual Beacons

How to Construct and Use Them!

By The Abbotts

Did you know that you can construct your own spiritual beacon and place it over your own home to transmit messages and receive higher, hidden knowledge?

These same remarkable spiritual beacons can transmit healing, help you find your Twin Flame partner, add to the Planetary Consciousness, tap into the Akashic Records and connect you to aliens and angels!

A must for all students of the esoteric arts, this new book by paranormal experts, The Abbotts will show you how to easily construct and use these light-filled beacons for amazing results! 

In 14 pt for easy reading and illustrated. Ebook $5.99. Print Book $14.95.

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How to Become an Angel!

by The Abbotts

Have you ever wanted to become and angel and glow with an inner spiritual light in all you do? Well, this new book from The Abbotts, paranormal experts can show you how to easily and quickly achieve your goal!

You will be shown how to be angelic in all types of situations from the workplace, to the family, to friends and possible soul mates!

Loving channelled messages from the Ascended Masters will help you realise your full potential and aid you, on your way to becoming the angel that you truly are!

Packed with easy-to-do exercises and practical knowledge, you will find this book a great resource for making divine decisions in the future and awakening your psychic abilities! Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Spirit Messages

 How to Contact Your Loved Ones!

By The Abbotts

Everyone loses a loved one, at some time in their life. It can be a traumatic and sorrowful time, made worse by the fact that you seem to have lost all contact with that special person.

The Abbotts, paranormal experts have developed simple to understand techniques for enabling you to meet with and communicate with your deceased loved one, in a safe and pleasant environment. You can learn to feel, see and hear them and spend valuable time with your child, husband, friend or even pet.

With sensible advice for grieving men and women, you will also be inspired by the loving words of Ascended beings. A must book for every household!

Printed in 14 pt for easy reading and illustrated. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Astral Travel Course

How to have Out-of-Body Experiences

by The Abbotts

Have you ever wanted to Astral Travel, (consciously leave your physical body)?

If so, then this book is for you.

Learn how to easily Astral Travel to other dimensions, foreign countries and out into space to visit other 'Off Planet' Worlds. You can join with groups of people to implement positive changes in the world and discover hidden knowledge!

Anyone can learn to develop this psychic ability by following this short course. One of our best selling books! Great value for money! Ebook $9.99. Print Book $14.95.

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The Time Traveller’s Guide

Learn to Time Travel!

by The Abbotts

Have you ever wanted to travel through time to the distant past or to the known future?

Well, this new and exciting ten part course by paranormal experts, The Abbotts will show you how to do this remarkable psychic feat!

You can learn many simple methods of Time Travelling that are safe and easy to perform. You can visit the ancient civilizations of Rome or Egypt; gain knowledge from Atlantis or Lemuria or even see your own past incarnations!

You can visit the future and ensure that decisions that you make today will work out successfully! An exciting and unique paranormal skill that everyone can learn quickly! In 14 pt print for easy reading and fully illustrated. Ebook $9.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Psychic Powers

Telepathy, Astral Travel & Manifesting!

by The Abbotts

Have you ever wanted psychic powers?

Well this is the book for you! 140 pages of exercises, exciting paranormal information and easy-to-do hints and ideas from The Abbotts, paranormal experts.

Learn to Astral travel, become Telepathic, use Sacred Symbols and Numbers to benefit yourself, Manifest your desires, interpret your Dreams, meet powerful Angelic Guides and Heal yourself and others to mention only a few powers!

Amazing hidden knowledge now available to you! Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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by The Abbotts

A Course for everyone who wants paranormal contact!

Everyone can learn to use the exciting paranormal skill of Telepathy by following this easy-to-understand course by The Abbotts, paranormal experts.

You can learn to contact other people's minds; understand what other people are thinking and influence their thoughts and behaviour; contact spiritual beings and alien races; heal yourself and others; help the planet and much more.

For anyone who wants to improve their love life, work opportunities, make good social contacts and relate to animals, plants and the Universe, this is the book for you!

With inspiring channelled messages from Ashtar and the Ascended Masters you will soon be using your telepathy daily! A revolutionary 4th Dimensional look at an ancient psychic power! Ebook $4.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Spiritual and Psychic Development

In 10 Easy Steps

by The Abbotts

Incredible paranormal knowledge in one book!

A MUST have book for anyone wanting to learn spiritual and psychic skills.

Learn over 15 different abilities, including how to meet your personal Spirit Guides, See Auras, Learn Spiritual Protection, Find your Indian Totem Animals, use Dream Work, access the 6 Upper Chakra layers above your head, use Gemstones and Essential Oils for healing.

A short 10 Part Course, packed full of practical advice and easy to follow exercises that individuals and small groups can follow at their own pace. PDF $9.99. Ebook $12.99. Print Book $14.95.

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The Psychic Child

Encouraging Your Child's Natural Abilities!

by The Abbotts

Does your child have natural psychic abilities?

Would you like to increase your own paranormal powers? Well, this easy to read and understand book by The Abbotts, spiritual and psychic experts, will show you how!

You can gently and safely encourage your child to meditate, see angels, heal animals and people, see auras and feel chakras for better health, get rid of nightmares and aid the planet!

And you can also learn along the way! A book for the entire family to share! In 14 pt print for easy reading. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $ 14.95.

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How to be Lucky!

by The Abbotts

Using psychic powers for a better life!

Everyone would like to be lucky in their work, love and financial lives. We all want ‘good luck’ but often seem to have ‘bad luck’ instead!

The Abbotts paranormal experts investigate just what ‘good luck’ is and how you can increase this psychic power in your own life to create the perfect life for you!

Full of easy to do exercises and tips for creating ‘good luck’ you will soon be able to turn your own life around to one of contentment and prosperity!

Encouraging channelled messages from the Ascended Masters will explain how to make your own life happier!

A not to be missed book for all lucky readers! In 14 pt print for easy reading. Fully illustrated. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Stargates and Energy Centres on Earth

How to locate and use them!

by The Abbotts

Have you ever wanted to travel down a stargate and explore alien worlds and other dimensions?

Do you know where your incredibly powerful local energy centres are located and how you can use them for healing, manifestation and to increase your psychic abilities?

Well, this new book by internationally famed The Abbotts, specialists in paranormal phenomena will clearly explain how to find major and minor stargates and energy centres around the world and even in your own local region!

You can easily and safely become a paranormal star-gater and energy centre discoverer and have amazing adventures while developing your own psychic and spiritual skills!

Full of easy-to-do exercises and with messages of encouragement from Higher Beings, you will soon be discovering your own stargates and energy centres.

A not to be missed guidebook for all esoteric seekers! 14 pt print for easy reading and fully illustrated. Ebook $6.99. Print Book $14.95.

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And Their Purpose!

by The Abbotts

Walk-Ins are a rare and extraordinary phenomenon that can happen to anyone.

A Higher Soul can agree to come into your body and help you with your spiritual development or after an accident or suicide attempt, help you to recover your life!

The Abbotts, paranormal experts examine the strange incidences of Walk-Ins and how they have empowered the people that they have entered!

Gathered from thirty years of psychic investigations, this unique knowledge will fascinate you and you will be left asking, "could this happen to me?"

With channelled messages from the Ascended Masters, you will be reassured and helped to understand this growing phenomenon more deeply. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Starseeds & the Apophis Asteroid!

by The Abbotts

Did you know that a large asteroid with the sinister name of Apophis will be travelling in an elliptical orbit around Earth, in 2029 and 2036?

The Abbotts, paranormal experts explore the reasons why Apophis will have such a strong affect on the Starseed Generations.

Apophis will herald a new era of enlightenment and exciting discoveries that will affect everyone on the planet! Are you ready for the fabulous changes ahead? This easy-to-read and entertaining book will prepare you for this incredible event.

With loving messages from the Ascended Masters and Ashtar of the Command, you will learn more about humankind’s great journey into the future! A not-to-be missed book for any psychically aware person! In 14 pt print for easy reading and illustrated. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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50 Great Mysteries Explained

From a Psychic Perspective

By The Ascended Masters and The Abbotts

Every one loves a good mystery and this amazing book will explain fifty mysterious and intriguing enigmas that puzzle all of us! Whether it is the incredible Bigfoot, the deadly Bermuda Triangle, Ancient Atlantis or the meaning of Zen, this book will explain it all!

With practical and loving channelled messages by the Ascended Masters such as Mother Mary, Sananda and Ashtar, you will learn esoteric knowledge about subjects such as Invisibility, Aliens, Death, the 4th Dimension, Time Travel, the Loch Ness Monster and Voodoo!

50 incredible subjects, easily and simply explained with exercises to help you develop your psychic skills!

This 180 page book is full of paranormal knowledge and practical advice for every seeker of truth. In 14 pt print for easy reading and fully illustrated. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Star Mastery Course

Star Power!

by The Abbotts

Many of us have lost the natural connection that humankind once had with the stars in the night sky. We have forgotten that the stars and starlight itself, has unique spiritual and psychic properties that can aid us in our busy daily lives.

It is time to reclaim this ancient power! The Abbotts, paranormal experts will show you how to rediscover this ancient energy source and use it for healing, manifesting and astral travelling! You will meet your unique Star Angel and learn to capture the essence of starlight and use the stars' energy to illuminate your life!

A new and intriguing 10 part course for individuals or groups who want to discover a natural and free source of cosmic energy! In 14 pt print for easy reading and fully illustrated. Ebook $7.99. Print Book $14.95.

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New Gen Power!

Life and Psychic Abilities of Generations X, Y and Z!

by The Abbotts

You’ve got the Power!

Generations X, Y and Z born since 1971 are unique and psychically aware young men and women who recognise that they are different from earlier generations born to Earth. They are Starseeds on a Divine Mission to help humanity and the planet!

However, these young men and women have their own personal problems and emotional blocks which are causing them great pain and stopping their spiritual and life progress.

This book examines these personal problems in detail and offers advice on subjects from Love, Sex, Vocations, Drug use, Wild behaviour and Life Goals in an easy to understand manner.

Aided by loving advice from the Ascended Masters, the different Generations of X, Y and Z will awaken to their psychic powers and begin their special Divine Missions. Psychic exercises include - spirit contact, healing your self and others, awakening to your Divine Mission and Astral Travelling to name a few!

A not to be missed book for the Gen X, Y and Z'ers and their parents! Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Animals and Spirit

Healing, Purpose & Clans

by The Abbotts

We all love our pets and admire animals in the wild, but have you ever stopped to wonder, do they have a Soul? Why are they here? Where do they go when they die?

The Abbotts answer all these intriguing questions and more, in their easy to understand style. With loving, kind channellings from the Ascended Masters, you will be inspired by these special insights.

Plus you will be shown how to heal your pet of many illnesses, while at the same time developing your own spiritual and psychic powers. A must to read for all animal lovers! Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Psychic Abilities

Everyday Uses for Paranormal Powers!

by The Abbotts

Everyone would love to have psychic powers and use them to create the perfect life for ourselves.

Well, The Abbotts, Australian paranormal experts will show you how to develop your incredible paranormal abilities and use them in the home and workplace to create an ideal environment for success.

You will also learn how to attract a perfect partner to you; make better relationships with your family and friends; heal your pets; manifest money and discover a free method of travelling to exotic locations! Who could ask for more practical powers!

Written in The Abbotts usual easy to understand and learn style, you will discover your hidden paranormal powers in a short time! A must read book for students of the para-sciences! In 14 pt print for easy reading and fully illustrated. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Moccasins and Magic

American Indian Spirituality

by The Abbotts

Have you ever been drawn to the Native American Indian culture?

The Abbotts believe that many people have lived a past life in the great tribes of the Indian Nation.

Drawing on their own considerable psychic contact with Indian spirit guides over twenty years and their own research into American Indian customs and myths, they have written this easy-to-understand guide to American Indian spirituality and daily life.

Learn how to make a sweat lodge, contact your guides, astral travel and find your perfect partner and more! Exciting and unique! Large print for easy reading! Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Lucid Dreaming Course

Empower Your Life!

by The Abbotts

Have you ever had a startlingly vivid dream in which you realized that you were asleep and dreaming and then found that you could actually lead the dream into the direction that you wanted it to take?

Well, this is Lucid Dreaming! Most of us can’t Lucid Dream at will, but The Abbotts can show you how to easily and safely learn this unique paranormal skill and use it to empower your life!

Once you have learnt to Lucid dream, you can use this incredible psychic power for research for work and hobbies, meeting others in the sleep state, out of body experiences, exploration of Earth and space, time travel, eliminating nightmares and night terrors, spirit contact with your Guardian Angels, forgiving others that you may have hurt or who have hurt you and meeting your perfect partner! In 14 pt print for easy reading and illustrated. Ebook $9.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Future Lives

Psychic Visions of the Future!

by The Abbotts

Have you ever wondered what the future holds for us all?

This amazingly prophetic book looks at ten possible future scenarios and how they could affect us all.

With special channelled messages from the Ascended Masters and Higher Beings, you are shown ways to create the future that you would desire. You have the choice of a Utopian future or a frightening future of famine, war and disease.

As The Abbotts say, “You have lived before and you will live again. Let it be into a future of peace, hope, prosperity and love!” Packed full of interesting information and easy-to-do environmental tips! Large print for an easy read! Ebook $2.99. Print Book $12.95.

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The Comforter

The Divine Feminine Essence

by The Abbotts

Have you ever wanted to have unlimited love, advice and the comforting powers of a Higher Force?

Well, all these higher abilities are accessible to you via the feminine essence of the Divine, known as the Comforter! It can help you overcome your Grief, Loss and Separation.

The Comforter can aid you with every part of your life, helping you create a happy, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle!

This book is packed with easy-to-do exercises which will teach you how to access the Comforter for unconditional love, healing, sound sleep and solace with everyday problems.

You will learn how to astral travel; contact nature in a more personal way; heal yourself and your pets of illness and much more! A not to be missed book with encouraging messages from the Ascended Masters. 14 pt print for easy reading. Fully illustrated. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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The Abbotts’ Book of Predictions

Easy ways to know the future!

by The Abbotts

Do you want to know what the future holds for you, but can’t always afford to have a professional psychic reading?

Well, The Abbotts, paranormal experts have written this illuminating book, packed with psychic exercises to help you with your everyday problems, blocks and questions!

With 34 new exercises, you can easily and quickly learn the answers to your questions on Life, Love, Friends, Family, Work, Psychic Powers, Travel, Spirituality and much more! All within seconds!

You will find yourself becoming more psychic, as you perform these simple exercises!

Why not use your own inherent paranormal powers to make choices that increase positive results in your life! Fun and entertaining! In 14 pt print for easy reading. Fully illustrated. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $29.95.

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The Truth Is Within!

Unlimited Mind Power

by The Abbotts

Use your mind to enhance your life!

Everyone would love to expand their minds and consciousness and gain amazing paranormal skills. Currently you only use 10% of your brain, but what if you used more?

The Abbotts explain to you about the incredible metaconscious mind and how with some easy exercises, you can learn to use its incredible powers! You can learn to use your special paranormal skills of past life recall, telepathy, alien contact, astral travel, spirit contact, psychometry, healing, manifestation and clairmergence whenever you like!

You can gain enormous hidden knowledge and explore exciting places and meet unique Beings, all without leaving your home! Who could ask for more? In 14 pt for easy reading. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Psychic Solutions

Solving Love, Health, Financial and Other Problems!

by The Abbotts

Have you ever had a problem that seemed insoluble? That each time you thought of it, caused you great emotional stress and pain?

Well this intriguing new book by The Abbotts, counsellors and psychic experts, will show you how to easily solve the hardest problems in your life.

Whether they are love, financial, work related, illness, family, spiritual worries or any problem at all, you will find here a method to deal psychically and positively with the problem and make sure that it doesn't reappear in your life!

With commonsense and loving channelled messages from the angels and Ascended Masters, you will soon be on your way to a more fulfilling, trouble-free and happy lifestyle! 14 pt for easy reading. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Simply Psychic

A Beginner's Guide

by The Abbotts

Have you ever wanted to develop your psychic knowledge and powers but found it too complicated and involved?

Well, this new guide to the Psychic world will explain psychic and spiritual phenomena simply and easily!

You will soon be learning how to contact your Guardian Angels, improve your health, understand where we all came from, astral travel in the dream state and manifest objects to you - all simply and easily!

This guide book helps you to understand Spirit and your own natural abilities in a down-to-earth, gentle manner. You will soon complete the easy exercises and get excellent results that will be beneficial to you and your loved ones.

A simple and safe guide to all psychic phenomena from The Abbotts, paranormal experts who have been teaching students for over twenty-five years. Explore your psychic abilities! In 14 pt print for easy reading. Fully illustrated. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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