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By The Abbotts

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Book Titles


New Gen Power! - Life and Psychic Abilities of Generations X, Y and Z!

Not Yet! - Earth and the Ashtar Command


OMNI - The Path of Unity - A Philosophy for Life


Pain! - Eliminating It Naturally!

Past Life Lovers - Have You Met Before?

Past Lives Course - Discover Past & Future Lives!

Perfect Partner

Pleiadian Tales - Life and Love!

Pleiadian Ways - Starseed Relationships!

Psychic Abilities - Everyday Uses for Paranormal Powers!

Psychic Defence - How to Defeat Negativity!

Psychic Powers - Telepathy, Astral Travel & Manifesting!

Psychic Solutions - Solving Love, Health, Financial and Other Problems!

Psychometry Course - The Psychic Touch


Relationships In The 21st Century - Family, Friends, Love & Work!

Reluctant Volunteers - Starseeds On Earth!

Remembrance - Change the Past to Improve the Present!

Rocket Man - Space, Love & Loss!

Romance with Magic Collection - Three Generations of Mermaids: Girl on an Ice Floe: Golden Lads and Lasses!


Sandalphon - The Archangel of Music

Sar-El of Sirius - A Cosmic Adventure!

Saturn Return - A Time to Create a New You!

Second Guessing The Universe - What is Life trying to teach you?

Self Warrior - Taking control of Your Life!

Serendipity! - Divine Coincidences at Work!

Shakespeare's Missing! - A Quick Read Adventure Romance

Simply Psychic - A Beginner's Guide

Sister Florence - The Outback Nurse

S.M.A.R.T. - How Smart Are You? - Solutions for Life Problems!

Snakes and Ladders - The Higher Path to Life and Love!

Spaceship Earth

Spirit Messages - How to Contact Your Loved Ones!

Spirit Of The Female And The New Age Male

Spiritual and Psychic Development Course - In 10 Easy Steps

Spiritual Beacons - How to Construct and Use Them!

Spiritual Warriors Course - Missions for Starseeds and Lightworkers

Spooky Stories! - Vol 13 - Tales to Make You Shudder & Laugh

Star Mastery Course - Star Power!

Stargates and Energy Centres on Earth - How to Locate and Use Them!

Starseed Lives - Four Generations on Earth!

Starseed World - Synergy in Action!

Stress! - Alternate & Spiritual Cures

Susan’s Journey - A Psychic Romance



Ten Christmas Miracles - Stories of Gladness and Hope!

The Abbotts' Book of Predictions - Easy Ways to Know the Future!

The Animal Ally Course

The Animals of Heaven - Stories of Divine Creatures Large and Small

The Art of Contentment

The Atlantean Initiate - A Young Girl’s Psychic Adventures!

The Baby Boomers - From a Spiritual Perspective

The Blue Pearl Phenomenon

The Carer's Guide - Spiritual and Practical Advice!

The Catalyst - Coping with Life Changes

The Charing Cross Mystery

The Charismatic One - A Saint or a Devil?

The Colour Therapy Healing Course

The Comforter - The Divine Feminine Essence

The Dream - A Soul's Journey

The Dynamics of Love and Life - From a Paranormal Perspective!

The Gaia Squad - A Helpful Guide for the Millennial Kids

The Ghost Hunter’s Guide

The Gift - Joy After Tragedy!

The Girl With Three Eyes - A Quick Read Psychic Romance

The Mid-Life Crisis Explained

The Mulligans of Emu Flat - Large Print

The Ninth Legion Lost in Time!

The Power of Dreams

The Psychic Child - Encouraging Your Child's Natural Abilities

The Psychic Detective Course - Paranormal Solutions!

The Seahorse Effect - Modern Males and Females

The Snowflake Generation - A Paranormal Perspective

The Starchild - The Future of Humanity

The Starseed L.I.F.T. - The Angelic Solution for Problem Solving!

The Starseeds - Pleiadians on Earth

The Time Traveller's Guide

The Truth Is Within! - Unlimited Mind Power

The Wheel of Life - Tales of Reincarnation

Three Generations of Mermaids - A Quick Read Romance!

Twin Flames


Vanny, the Ghost and Me! - A Quick Read Book


Walk-Ins - And Their Purpose!

We Once Were Titans!

What is Love? - And How to Find It!

When Danny Went to Heaven - A Quick Read Book

Who Are You? - Discovering Your Cosmic Origins

Why Am I Single? - The Complexities of 21st Century life

Why Did That Happen To Me? - The Spiritual Complexities of Illness


Yoshi - The Wise Man

Your Alien Ancestry - How It Affects Your Life!

Your Soul Group - Combined Love In Action!