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Books on alternate healing, illness and the Lightbody.

Learn how to heal yourself and other people today.

I Don't Want to Age!

A Guide for the Starseeds

By The Abbotts

Everyone would like to be youthful, healthy and beautiful and this is the subject that paranormal experts, The Abbotts have chosen for their latest book aimed at Generations X, Y and Z, commonly known, as the Starseeds.

With explanations of why these young men and women have a fear of ageing and the future and simple but effective exercises to keep wrinkles, body fat and middle-aged minds at bay, you will find this book informative and life changing, no matter what age you are!

With channelled messages from higher beings and real life anecdotes, you will make the most of your life on Earth, at this time and look forward to a fabulous future!

Illustrated and in 14 pt for easy reading. Ebook $ 4.99. Print Book $ 14.95.

A Beacon of Light Book.

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The Carer's Guide

Spiritual and Practical Advice!

By The Abbotts

This latest book by The Abbotts deals with the problems associated with caring for an ill patient.

Many Carers are often faced with these unexpected situations in their lives and need gentle, practical and spiritual insights into why their patient is ill, how to care for them and how to make sure that they too, don't become exhausted and disillusioned!

Whether your patient is an ill child, a loved partner who has suffered an accident or an elderly parent recuperating from a sickness, you will find this an invaluable guide.

With practical exercises, alternate medical hints and channelled messages from higher, loving beings, you will find whether you are a professional or amateur Carer that this guide book will inspire you to better nursing service with a positive outlook.

A Beacon of Light Book.

Illustrated and in 14 pt for easy reading. Ebook $ 4.99. Print Book $ 14.95.

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Living with the Lightbody

A Guide to 21st Century Health!

by The Abbotts

This amazing book will help you understand the physical changes that are taking place as we enter the 21st Century and the 4th Dimension.

You can learn to overcome physical and mental symptoms of tiredness, dizziness, distraction and vague illnesses that seem to plague you.

Many exercises, tips for cures and angelic advice are given by The Abbotts and the Ascended Masters, to help you regain good health at this challenging time. PDF $7.99. Ebook $9.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Chakra Balancing Course

Better Health in Six Easy Lessons!

by The Abbotts

Awaken your dormant healing abilities today

Learn how to improve your physical, mental and emotional health, without the need for modern drugs or surgery.

This 6 part course carefully explains how to locate, balance and heal the chakras or energy centres of your spiritual body.

No matter, whether you are a novice or advanced alternate healer, this book will help you to improve your understanding of the spiritual body, (Lightbody).

Learn new healing techniques to improve your own and other’s health! PDF $7.99. Ebook $9.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Aura Cleansing Course

For Better Health!

by The Abbotts

Everyone wants better health and to alleviate pain and sickness.

The Abbotts, paranormal experts and healers will show you how illness and pain can be easily eliminated from your colourful auric fields and good health will follow, in your physical body and mind!

An easy-to-follow ten lesson course suitable for individuals and groups to study. Filled with illustrations, tips on health and Spirit inspired information.

Subjects include - meditation, gemstone healing, auras, chakras, lightbody work and developing your ‘clair’ paranormal senses. Begin manifesting better health today! In 14 pt print for easy reading. PDF $7.99. Ebook $9.99. Print Book $14.95.

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I Don’t Want To Be Here!

Coping with Depression, Suicidal Thoughts and Apathy by Finding a Reason for Living!

by The Abbotts

A MUST read for anyone suffering from depression, apathy and has thoughts of suicide.

This unique and compassionate book will help you to gain a greater understanding of who you truly are. Learn how to gently lift yourself out of the darkness and into a life full of energy, happiness and personal satisfaction.

For those individuals thinking about suicide, learn about the unique role of ‘Walk-In’s’. Discover the many opportunities on offer to you, to dramatically reduce the emotional and mental pain that your actions have on your family and friends. Sensitive and understanding! Ebook $4.99. Print Book $14.95.

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The Colour Therapy Healing Course

by The Abbotts

Do you love colours and are intrigued by their unique healing powers?

Are you interested in becoming a colour therapist? Then this amazing new course by The Abbotts will show you how to use colours to heal yourself and others of their physical sicknesses and accidents; mental and emotional problems and spiritual worries!

Written in an easy to understand manner, you will find this in-depth holistic course suitable for individuals and groups.

Subjects covered include light rays, coloured globes, gemstones, past life wounds, karma, spiritual healing the ascended Masters, aura cleansing, chakra healing, meditation and more.

You will also be shown how to set-up your own Colour Therapy Healing Practice. With inspiring messages from Higher Beings and full of the knowledge gathered by The Abbotts over many years of healing clients, you will find this book an invaluable life-long aid to any type of alternate healing method.

In 14 pt print for easy reading and fully illustrated.Ebook $9.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Hermetic Healing Course

A 10 Part Spiritual Healing Course

by The Abbotts

Hermetic Healing is a unique form of spiritual healing, developed by The Abbotts that can be used by anyone.

No matter whether you are a novice or an advanced healer, Hermetic Healing will help you achieve amazing results.

Learn to physically and psychically heal yourself, other people, plants and animals. Open your own clinic! Easy to follow course! Great value for money! PDF $11.99. Ebook $14.99. Print Book $16.95.

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The Comforter

The Divine Feminine Essence

by The Abbotts

Have you ever wanted to have unlimited love, advice and the comforting powers of a Higher Force?

Well, all these higher abilities are accessible to you via the feminine essence of the Divine, known as the Comforter! It can help you overcome your grief, loss and separation.

The Comforter can aid you with every part of your life, helping you create a happy, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle!

This book is packed with easy-to-do exercises which will teach you how to access the Comforter for unconditional love, healing, sound sleep and solace with everyday problems.

You will learn how to astral travel; contact Nature in a more personal way; heal yourself and your pets of illness and much more!

A not to be missed book with encouraging messages from the Ascended Masters. In 14 pt print for easy reading. Fully illustrated. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Why Did That Happen To Me?

The Spiritual Complexities of Illness

by The Abbotts

Have you ever wondered why you contracted an illness or had an accident?

This unique book clearly explains, the Three Spiritual Causes of illness.

Learn why, we all have experiences of illness and injury in our lives and how we can deal with them in a higher manner.

A book full of practical advice from The Abbotts and higher wisdom and exercises from the Healing Masters.

A must read for everyone! Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Why You Don't Need Them!

by The Abbotts

Are you one of the millions of people who world-wide, has a problem with alcohol or drugs? Is your life being made miserable by your addiction?

Then this new book by paranormal experts and counsellors, The Abbotts will show you how to overcome your addiction; the reasons behind your cravings for drugs and alcohol and in a sympathetic and helpful manner, teach you exercises and techniques to help you to sobriety and to be drug-free once again!

For the parents and friends of an addicted man or woman, this book will be a valuable insight into why your loved one has this addiction and how you can help in the rehabilitation process.

Simply explained and illustrated, this will be a book that you will find helpful in many situations, in the years to come. In 14 pt print for easy reading. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Alternate & Spiritual Cures

by The Abbotts

Everyone suffers from stress at sometime in their life and The Abbotts will show you how to easily and permanently relieve pressure and strain from your daily existence.

Whether it is stress caused by relationships with lovers, family and friends or work related, this book will have a natural and spiritual remedy for you!

Illness and accidents can also cause stress and with The Abbotts’ and the Higher Masters’ loving and practical insights, you will learn to overcome the pain of these negative situations.

A health book with a difference! In 14 pt for easy reading. Fully illustrated. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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How Other People’s Thoughts Affect You!

Solutions & Protection

by The Abbotts

Are you aware that other people's thoughts can affect your moods, opinions, attitudes and actions? And that we are constantly bombarded with thoughts that are powerful and not always in our best interests?

This new and illuminating book by paranormal experts, The Abbotts will explain to you how we are all affected by thoughts from our family, friends, society, nation and the planetary consciousness and how we can combat these often negative thoughts and make the lifestyle that we desire!

With easy to understand examples and simple exercises, you will learn how to psychically construct shields and bubbles of light to deflect the negative energies and only allow the positive thoughts come through to you!

Additional channelled messages from higher Beings will help you to take control of your life and make it both interesting and successful! In 14 pt print for easy reading and illustrated. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Blocks and Hurdles

Overcoming Problems that are Holding You Back!

by The Abbotts

Everyone has blocks and hurdles in their life which if not removed, will hold you back from reaching your full potential as a dynamic, successful person!

The Abbotts, counsellors and paranormal experts have helped many men and women remove blocks and hurdles in their lives and they have gone on to find success at jobs; make better relationships with others; improve their health; discover their psychic powers and find their special perfect partner!

You too, can easily learn to overcome problems in your life and create a happier, more fulfilling life for yourself with the help of angels and many good commonsense ideas from The Abbotts.

Fully illustrated and in 14 pt print for easy reading. Change your life today! Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Gem Elixirs

Magical Liquids for Better Health!

by The Abbotts

Gem elixirs are an ancient psychic method of healing that works today in our modern world to help us overcome stress, illness and pain.

The Abbotts, healing and paranormal experts, show you how to use commonly found gemstones to create these amazing elixirs for better health and spiritual and psychic contact with the Higher dimensions.

You can use these subtle energised elixirs to astral travel, lucid dream and contact angelic beings. With loving insights from the Ascended Masters, you will now look at all gemstones in a completely different way!

A must for all alternate healers and people interested in healing themselves and other people! In 14 pt print for easy reading. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $12.95.

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Eliminating It Naturally!

by The Abbotts

Pain and suffering can destroy our lives and make us feel depressed and angry.

Whether the pain is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, The Abbotts have simple and drug-free solutions for you that can help you control and eliminate severe and debilitating pain, forever!

As counsellors and paranormal experts, the writers will show you how to ease your pain naturally with meditations, dream power, aura and chakra use, gemstones, angelic help and hands on healing.

A not-to-be-missed book for any healer, patient or student of practical, paranormal knowledge! Illustrated and in 14 pt print. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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