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2016 to 2028

The Hope Years!

Preparing for Cosmic Changes!

By The Abbotts

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The years from 2016 to 2028 are important in humankind’s development, as they lead us into new stages of personal and psychic development.

The Abbotts, paranormal experts will show you what these coming years will bring in inventions, relationships and your own psychic awakenings!

With special channelled messages from the Ascended Masters and practical ideas on how you can prepare for the future, you will also increase your spiritual and psychic skills, ready for this new age!

A not-to-be-missed book for all students of the paranormal! Print Book $9.99.

Illustrated and in 14 pt for easy reading. A Beacon of Light Book.

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The Dream

A Soul’s Journey

by The Abbotts

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This is a riveting tale of a soul's journey through time and space. The mysterious Dreamer and Watcher oversee the lives of five very different beings - Wa-at, the cave boy; Ansgar, the Viking; Angelina, the 17th Century painter; Freddy, a boy in the harsher areas of London and Bix, a new colonist on Mars!

Follow their exciting lives and loves throughout history and then when the Dreamer awakes, find out more about your own journey of reincarnation. 

A not-to-be-missed psychic tale in 14 pt for easy reading and illustrated. Print Book $9.99.

A Beacon of Light Book.
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