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Our novels are both entertaining and enlightening.

Many contain exercises that you can follow to enhance your psychic skills, while others are just a good read on a rainy day!

Jarl of Orion

A Cosmic Adventure

A Quick Read Book

By The Abbotts

Meet young Jarl, an Orion man who wants adventure and change in his life, but his family wants him to live their traditional rural lifestyle, on the planet Valla.

Follow his exploits, as he joins the prestigious Space Corps, travels into space, battles aliens and falls in love!
A quick read book for all lovers of Off-planet cultures!

Illustrated and in 14 pt for easy reading. A Beacon of Light Book. Ebook $ 2.99. Print Book $ 12.95.

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Sar-El of Sirius

A Cosmic Adventure!

A Quick Read Book

By The Abbotts

Meet Sirian Sar-El, an alien girl who loves nature and wants more than anything to live freely, in the forest. But the culture on Sirius is that of hard work and conformity and she just doesn't fit in!

Follow her adventures, as she joins a space mission to the planet Exos, meets new friends and falls in love.
An exciting and unique look, at an Off-Planet culture, by paranormal experts The Abbotts.

Illustrated and in 14 pt for easy reading. A Beacon of Light Book. Ebook $ 2.99. Print Book $ 12.95.

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Adventures of the Cosmic Women

A Quick Read Book

By The Abbotts

Meet the cosmic women, Tarel, Pelas and Somac, adventurous women from three female-dominated planets. These fiery red-heads are on a mercy mission to save a plague-ridden populace on Bel 2, a pioneer outpost.

With the help of a surprising Andromedan architect, they set out to build a hospital, while having adventures and falling in love! 

A Quick Read novel for an hour’s exciting entertainment!

A Beacon of Light Book.

Illustrated and in 14 pt for easy reading. Ebook $ 2.99. Print Book $ 12.95.

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Andromedan Adventurer

A Cosmic Tale

A Quick Read Book

By The Abbotts

Meet Andrea, a half-Andromedan, half-human young woman who is the commander of her own space ship, the Helios.

Follow Andrea's adventures as she battles the evil Skylars, trains new pilots and deals with all manner of unusual passengers on her diplomatic missions.

An adventure tale for all ages, exploring the Andromedan culture and its attitude to life and love. A Cosmic tale with a difference!

A Beacon of Light Book.

In 14 pt for easy reading and illustrated. Ebook $ 2.99. Print Book $ 12.95.

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A Flight Through Time

Adventure, Time Travel & Romance!

A Quick Read Book

By The Abbotts

Join the exciting adventures of the passengers and crew of a jet plane lost in time. Jack and his dog, Max try to get the small group safely home, but they encounter many odd characters along the way, as they travel to Prehistoric, Roman, World War II and Tudor times and even into an ominous future!
A quick read book for a pleasant hour's reading.

A Beacon of Light Book.

Illustrated and in 14 pt for easy reading. Ebook $ 2.99. Print Book $ 10.95.

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Paranormal Crime Unit

by The Abbotts

Meet the FBI agents of the newly formed Department 33, Suzanne, Wade and Ceecee who fight crime in a most unusual way!

They pit their wits against ghosts, vampires and alien abductors, all with a sense of humour and courage. Enjoy a few hours with these lively and surprising young agents!

In 14 pt print for easy reading and illustrated. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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The Girl With Three Eyes

A Quick Read Psychic Romance

by The Abbotts

This is the sensitive story of Gemma Douglas an English girl who is born with three eyes.

Gemma and her family are keen to remove the offending third eye, so that she can be a 'normal' girl, go to university; get a good job and find a boyfriend! But fate has other things in mind for Gemma ...

Enjoy this often humorous and touching short novel by paranormal experts, The Abbotts.

In 14pt for easy reading and illustrated. Suitable for all ages. Ebook $2.99. Print Book $12.95.

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Rocket Man

Space, Love & Loss!

by The Abbotts

This is the remarkable story of a young, virile, blind man, Sam who on the brink of a new life with his girlfriend Katie, has a tragic accident that has him questioning, if he should end his life!

Then he is offered an amazing and unique opportunity to become the Master of a rocket ship that will take a scientific crew to distant Alpha Centauri; but he can only do so, at a terrible price!

Follow Sam's exciting adventures and share his loves and loss in this new fiction novel by The Abbotts!

14 pt print for easy reading. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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The Starchild

The Future of Humanity!

by The Abbotts

In this novel by The Abbotts paranormal experts and writers, you will meet Jack and Dana two likeable people who meet after an unexpected U.F.O. abduction!

Follow their adventures, as they discover a crashed flying saucer in the mysterious Dark Lake.

As their romance blooms, they find out the reason for Dana’s abductions and meet a most surprising person aboard a flying saucer!

A must-read book for any lover of science fiction and for anyone, interested in the sinister Greys, who visit Earth regularly.

Fiction or fact? Make up your own mind!

In 14 pt print for easy reading. Illustrated. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $12.95.

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Three Generations of MERMAIDS

A Quick Read Romance!

by The Abbotts

Enter the watery and mystical world of the mermaids and merfolk, deep beneath the sea and follow the romantic adventures of three lovable mermaids, Coralie, Miriel and Lorelei.

A touching novel of romance and passion, loss and sadness and glimpses of a lifestyle that we would all love to live, if only we possessed a silvery tail!

A whimsical, quick read romance for all lovers and those who want to find true love!

In 14 pt print for easy reading. Ebook $2.99. Print Book $12.95.

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When Danny Went To Heaven

A Quick Read Book

by The Abbotts

A story with a difference!

Have you ever wondered what heaven is like and what happens when you go there?

Well, this exciting tale of Danny, a typical twenty-nine year old who after a mishap in his hot tub arrives in heaven, will keep you captivated from page one!

His paranormal adventures with a lovely angel called Leila and a long lost pet, Elmo will show you that the afterlife is not merely a place for playing harps!

Danny will also discover his true soul mate, but will he ever get to be with her?

Follow this charming story in a quick read book that the whole family will enjoy! In 14 pt print for easy reading. Fully illustrated. Ebook $2.99. Print Book $ 12.95.

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Girl On An Ice Floe

A Quick Read Romance & Spirituality!

by The Abbotts

This is the exciting and moving tale of Ben Night-Owl, a Native American healer who while fishing at a remote spot in Canada, spies a brightly-dressed woman spread-eagled on an ice floe, sailing up the river!

Ben’s attempts to rescue Amy and help her through a tragic loss in her life will enchant you, as will their growing affection for each other.

A charming tale full of spiritual wisdom, psychic tips and more!

Suitable for all ages. In 14 pt print for easy reading and illustrated. Ebook $2.99. Print Book $12.95.

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Beyond Shangri-la

The adventures of a Himalayan Monk!

As told to The Abbotts

This unique book is the result of many channelled messages received by The Abbotts, renowned Australian psychics from a Himalayan monk called Tenzin, later to be known as Brother Wolf.

We follow his adventures, as he meets a mysterious stranger Father Mattius and decides that it is his ‘dharma’ to follow him to the intriguing monastery, at the Roof of the World!

Here Brother Wolf settles into the life of a young monk and meets many strange characters while he develops his psychic powers. Later, he and his teacher are asked to take on an amazing mission to the Americas, will he take it or not?

Follow Brother Wolf’s adventures in a light-hearted manner, suitable for everyone from 12 to 112 years!

In 14 pt print for easy reading and fully illustrated. Ebook $2.99. Print Book $12.95.

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The Atlantean Initiate

A Young Girl’s Psychic Adventures!

by The Abbotts

Have you ever felt that you may have lived in Atlantis?

This entertaining novel follows the amazing adventures of Leda, a young Atlantean girl, entering the secret world of the Priestess College.

Her amazing exploits, humorous insights with her fellow young initiates, a gently unfolding romance and the hidden ancient knowledge revealed within this book, makes it an illuminating, fascinating and fun read!

Suitable for all ages 10 - 110 years! Ebook $3.99. Print Book $ 14.95.

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Dragon's Lair

A Boy, a War and a Dragon!

A Quick Read Book

by The Abbotts

This is the exciting story of Zack, a fifteen year-old boy living in London during the Second World War.

Zack wants to join the army, but is too young and is instead, sent to Wales to live with his uncle on a small farm, deep in dragon territory!

Here he meets new friends and has an amazing encounter with the last dragon left in Britain!

A gentle romance and an exciting war mission lead Zack to new revelations about himself and war.

A book for the entire family! In 14 pt print for easy reading. Fully illustrated. For dragon lovers, everywhere! Ebook $2.99. Print Book $12.95.

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A Child Through The Ages

12 Exciting Stories!

by The Abbotts

The perfect gift for a loved child!

In this special book you will discover the lives and adventures of twelve boys and girls who have lived in very different eras of Earth's history.

We meet Groov a cave boy on his first hunt; Lyra an Atlantean girl; Chang a Chinese boy who works with three cormorants; Isolde a Celtic girl who meets a Roman: Jack a chimney sweep; Xochipilli an Aztec boy who escapes with treasure and the first Martian boy! To name but a few!

An exciting adventure book for children from 11 years upwards that allows them to understand other people and how they lived in other eras. In 14 pt print for easy reading. Fully illustrated. Ebook $2.99. Print Book $12.95.

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Spaceship Earth

by The Abbotts

A Planetary tale!

Join Cassiopeia Jones and her new boyfriend, Harry Lee on their cosmic adventures with Ashtar, Lady Nada and Sananda - higher Beings on a mission to save Earth from destruction!

An intriguing tale of astral travelling, channelling and off-planet Beings with lovable characters and believable situations!

Suitable for the open-minded from 10 to 110 years! In 14 pt print and illustrated. Ebook $2.99. Print Book $12.95.

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Ten Christmas Miracles

Stories of Gladness and Hope!

by The Abbotts

This unique collection of Christmas stories from around the world will delight and touch you with their authenticity and sensitivity.

Ten marvellous holiday stories about people as diverse as - a Dutch missionary in an orphanage making a traditional Christmas for her young African boys and girls while rebels raid the region; to a Spanish priest bullied by his superior who has a wonderful adventure in Rome and a young Indian girl given an unexpected Christmas gift!

Stories with a touch of magic! This is a book that you can read each Yuletide to ‘warm the cockles of the heart!’ Ebook $3.99. Print Book $ 14.95.

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A Blessing of Unicorns

by The Abbotts

For the young of heart!

Meet Sarah Brown and her friends Daisy and George who live in the little village of Puddley.

Sarah's passion in life is - unicorns! And she sets out to find them with the help of her new friends.

Exciting adventures unfold, as the children try to rescue the unicorns from the evil hunters! Why not join them in their adventures? Age 8 plus. Ebook $2.99. Print Book $9.95.

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Henry’s Ghost Stories

A Spooky Romp!

by The Abbotts

Meet Henry Dodds, a quiet, middle-aged man whose adventures begin after he dies!

Henry’s ghost finds the after-life holds more than angels and harp playing! He helps solve crimes, including his own devious murder with the help of a vivacious redhead and a talking black cat!

Join Henry on this spooky romp and follow his comic adventures with many a delighted chuckle! In 14 pt print for easy reading. Ebook $2.99. Print Book $12.95.

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The Wheel of Life

Tales of Reincarnation

by The Abbotts

An exciting and special book that entertainingly, explains the concept of reincarnation, karma and soul progression.

In easy to read novel form this is the fascinating tale of three young spirits who decide to incarnate to Earth to gain life experience in the 3rd Dimension.

We follow their many adventures through lives as diverse as - Atlantean priestess and warrior to Native American Indian shaman and English Civil war opponents and more. Understand more about your own past lives!

Fascinating and inspiring! Ebook $2.99. Print Book $9.95.

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Lost Secrets of the Ancients

A Psychic Adventure!

by The Abbotts

Three young adventurers, Matt, Kate and Tyro are hired by the mysterious Mr. Carstairs to fly around the world and visit exotic locations, in order to find seven missing fragments of an all-powerful artefact that can change the world!

They face adventures in Peru, Stonehenge, Egypt, Nepal and the outposts of the fabled islands of Lemuria and Atlantis, hotly pursued by their evil adversaries!

Join them in an adventurous journey with a touch of psychic phenomenon!

Suitable for everyone from 12 - 112! In 14 pt print for easy reading! Ebook $2.99. Print Book $ 12.95.

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Mary Magdalena

The wife of Jesus’ story!

by The Abbotts

This new novel by the Abbotts, paranormal experts concerns the famous Biblical figure, Mary Magdalene and her relationship with Jesus of Nazareth.

Newly discovered gospels describe Mary Magdalene, as ‘his consort’ and The Abbotts with channelled material have described their loving marriage, in a sensitive and very human manner.

We follow Jesus’ journeys on his ministries to exotic lands with Mary Magdalena beside him; the adventures they encounter and the growing enmity of the Pharisees towards Jesus and his disciples.

You will discover familiar characters and meet new ones. A fresh and modern approach to the New Testament stories. Suitable for every age and religion. In 14 pt print for easy reading and illustrated. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Angels in Our South Field

A Quick Read Book for the whole family!

by The Abbotts

This is the poignant story of Jenny Ryan, a twelve-year-old farmer’s daughter whose family is struggling with many modern day problems of disunity, financial stress and misbehaving teenagers.

One morning, on her way to school, Jenny discovers twelve, wounded angels in the South field and in one remarkable day, these angelic warriors help her family become whole again!

A not-to-be-missed book suitable for all ages. Illustrated and in 14 pt print for easy reading. Ebook $2.99. Print Book $10.95.

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Susan’s Journey

A Psychic Romance!

by The Abbotts

Susan Shaw is a young widow who has retreated from the world, after her husband Ian’s sudden death.

Her best friend Carol, a vivacious woman, encourages her to take a week-long seminar on psychic and spiritual development, at the luxurious Hope Vale Centre. Here she discovers her latent psychic abilities and meets a variety of unusual characters, including the handsome instructor Greg, who harbors a tragic secret.

Will Susan continue with her journey in life with courage and hope or retreat in fear and apathy?

You can follow Susan's spiritual exercises and learn psychic mysteries as you become engrossed in her love story.

A psychic romance with a difference! in 14 pt print for easy reading! Ebook $2.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Bethany Brown's Extraordinary Past Life!

A Quick Read Book

by The Abbotts

This is the strange tale of Bethany Brown, a very ‘mousey-kind of girl’ who finds herself involved in an extraordinary adventure when she attends a lecture with her adored tutor, Rodney and discovers that she can read an ancient script from a long-forgotten civilization!

Soon she is involved with hypnotic regression, where she relives the exciting life of a Nubian princess from Punt who is existing in dangerous times.

Follow Bethany's adventures and her own search for love, in this new, fascinating novel by The Abbotts. In 14 pt for easy reading and illustrated.

A Quick Read Book to fill a happy hour. Ebook $2.99. Print Book $10.95.

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The Wise Man

by The Abbotts

Have you ever wanted your own wise guru to help you with your problems?

This is the charming story of Yoshi an enlightened 100 year old mystic who lives in a cave in the mountains.

He is visited by three very different young people who ask him questions about life, love and spirituality. His answers may surprise and delight you!

An uplifting little book from renowned psychics and writers, The Abbotts. You will love Yoshi! Ebook $2.99. Print Book $9.95.

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The Mulligans of Emu Flat

Large Print - Humour

by The Abbotts

Meet the Mulligans, an irrepressible Australian family who live and love at Emu Flats, a country district full of strange characters and odd animals.

Follow the amusing adventures of kind-hearted Ma who would love to travel; Pop who loves his prize pig General Porky; Dan and Charlie who fall in love with the same girl; Matilda who wants to be a photographer and a district full of lovable characters.

In 16pt large print for easy reading. Illustrated. Ebook $2.99. Print Book $14.95.

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The Ninth Legion Lost in Time!

by The Abbotts

Adventure, Mystery and Love!

Mystery has always surrounded the Roman Ninth Legion of 5,000 highly trained warriors who disappeared in Northern England in the year 120 AD.

This imaginative novel explores what would have happened if the Ninth Legion was transported to our modern day!

An adventurous story of courageous soldiers, love and excitement, in a small village, in the Border Counties of northern England.

What would you do, if fifty Roman soldiers marched down your driveway?

An adventure story suitable for 12 years to 112 years! Illustrated. In 14 pt print for easy reading. Ebook $2.99. Print Book $ 12.95.

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Legally Lost

A Quick Read Psychic Romance

by The Abbotts

Katherine Green is a young lawyer who is upwardly mobile in her legal career, in New York; until one day, a tragic accident occurs which starts her on a path of discovery about herself, her family, her career and love!

In her hometown, she meets a cast of memorable characters - a Native American Indian mystic, a sassy and culturally aware receptionist, the town ‘bag lady’ and a handsome young lawyer, Andy Redfern who turns her life upside down!

Share in Katy's adventures, in this new romance with a touch of magic from The Abbotts. Suitable for all ages. In 14 pt print for easy reading. Ebook $2.99. Print Book $12.95.

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Vanny, the Ghost and Me!

A Quick Read Book

by The Abbotts

Harriet Walker is a sad, fiftyish Australian woman who finds herself suddenly divorced and looking for a job and a new home, after thirty years of marriage.

One day, she falls in love with Vanny, a campervan and then her adventures really, start to happen!

Follow Hattie's change from down-trodden housewife to liberated adventurer; abetted by her friends and a special ghost called Max who haunts her little van!

A charming tale of new starts and hopes by The Abbotts, in a quick read format for an enjoyable hour's read! In 14 pt print for easy reading and illustrated. Ebook $2.99. Print Book $12.95.

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Golden Lads and Lasses

A Quick Read Romance

by The Abbotts

This is the intriguing story of three friends who visit the stately home of a present day, young aristocrat and find themselves caught up in the romantic dramas of two men and two women who lived several centuries ago!

Their dreams and memories are stirred by events long ago and help explain their love ties today. A gentle, but unforgettable psychic romance!

In 14 pt print for easy reading and illustrated. Ebook $2.99. Print Book $12.95.

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Spooky Stories! - Vol. 13

Tales to make you shudder & laugh!

by The Abbotts

We all love a spooky story that makes us shudder or encourages us to simply wonder, ‘What if that happened to me?’

This collection of ten original, short stories by The Abbotts will entertain you, amuse you and occasionally, make your blood run cold!

Stories about ghosts, vampires, were-wolves, rolling men, angels and women on Mars! Who could ask for more?

The Abbotts, specialists in the paranormal turn their writing talents to gentle horror, in this spooky collection.

Why not find a comfy armchair, nestle down and enjoy a good read, while you can! In 14 pt print for easy reading. Illustrated. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $12.95.

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Shakespeare’s Missing!

A Quick Read Adventure Romance

by The Abbotts

Jim True-May joins the faculty of his new position at Hardcompton University and finds that things are not as they should be.

No-one there has heard of the playwright, William Shakespeare and his famous works have been attributed to someone else! With a beautiful, young woman he sets out to discover the cause and through time travel, journeys to Tudor days, to attempt to put things right!

An amusing and romantic romp through time and space, by paranormal writers, The Abbotts. Suitable for all ages. In 14 pt print for easy reading. Illustrated. 58 pages. Ebook $1.99. Print Book $7.95.

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Mister Patagonia

by The Abbotts

It is 1958 and a stranger comes to Gertrude Watson's boarding-house in Paddington, Sydney, Australia.

He is Mister Patagonia, an exotic visitor from far away who captures the heart of nine-year-old Matty Rose and the lovable residents of this run-down, but homely hotel!

This is a charming tale of innocence, family ties, travel and romance. Revisit the 1950’s! A book for all the family to enjoy! Ebook $3.99. Print Book $12.95.

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Sister Florence

The Outback Nurse

A Glimpse of Another World!

This is the charming story of Sister Florence an Australian Aborigine Nurse who is the indomitable force behind the Cribbs Creek Community Hospital.

Sister Florence meets all challenges head-on with humour and kindness whether it is the training of a new rebellious nurse, searching for lost relatives, dealing with the amorous advances of the local police sergeant or entertaining visiting royalty.

Sister Florence is a gem and a delightful read! Ebook $2.99. Print Book $12.95.

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The Charing Cross Mystery

by The Abbotts

For all mystery lovers!

The incorrigible Lady Mary and Geoffrey, her handsome young nephew, live quietly in London, in the 1950’s, except for solving the occasional murder or crime!

As amateur sleuths, they go to the rescue of the beautiful, young Jill Brown who appears to be suffering from amnesia.

What is the mystery behind Jill’s injury and how do they solve the crime? Join us in this merry 1950’s romp.

Large print for an easy read. Ebook $2.99. Print Book $12.95.

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Romance with Magic Collection

Includes - Three Generations of Mermaids
Girl on an Ice Floe
Golden Lads and Lasses

By The Abbotts

This amazing collection of three novellas will enchant you with its whimsical romances of mermaids, past lives and the frozen north.

In three separate books you will find a touch of magic and psychic marvels that will intrigue you and touch your heart!

Meet the three generations of mermaids and their loves and woes and the four present day young people who find a mysterious portrait of long ago, holds power over their lives today; and meet a frightened, desperate young woman who decides on a unique way of ending her life, but instead finds hope and love!

A not to be missed trilogy by The Abbotts! In 14 pt print for easy reading and illustrated. Ebook $6.99. Print Book $14.99.

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A Little Place on the River

Convicts and Colonists of Early Australia!

This exciting story follows the adventures of a young transported convict, James, and his burning desire for his own land and to be a free man, in the pioneer colony of New South Wales.

You will also meet, the charming three Janes, currency lasses and convicts alike, who become deeply entwined in James's life story.

You will discover what life in the pioneer region of the Hawkesbury River was really like, for our brave ancestors.

Based on fact and fiction, this new absorbing novel will delight you with its stories of hope, love and challenge! In 14 pt print for an easy read. 157 pages. Ebook $2.99. Print Book $13.95.

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