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Aliens & UFO's

By The Abbotts

Unidentified Flying Objects have fascinated us all for many decades, are they real? Do they have a sinister purpose? Do their occupants come from one star system far away or from many? Do they abduct unwilling people?

Hopefully this information will help you discover the truth!


Chinese UFO’s

In the last few years there have been a spate of UFO sightings from China, where thousands of people have been witnesses to some extraordinary UFO sights. Last year, Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou closed for two hours when an unidentified object hovered over the skies. A spiral light formation was observed by many people in 1988, but its source was never discovered. A similar odd formation was recently observed in Norway.

But it seems that as soon as inexplicable video footage appears, the debunkers go swiftly to work and we see ‘mockups’ of inferior type photos showing obviously fake space ships or rockets.

Recent sightings in both the USA and England have quickly been followed by misinformation and inevitably we turn from the old ‘weather balloon’ scenario to ‘rocket launches’. Umm, rockets that surprisingly, remain stationary for half an hour or change direction from east to west? Odd rockets!

Recent sightings in both the USA and England have quickly been followed by misinformation and inevitably we turn from the old ‘weather balloon’ scenario to ‘rocket launches’. Umm, rockets that surprisingly, remain stationary for half an hour or change direction from east to west? Odd rockets!

Look up the channellings from the Ascended Masters at the end of this section!

Winston Churchill and the Aliens

It may surprise you to know that secret records from the Second World War have just been released after almost sixty years, that confirm that the British Parliament knew about and had encountered UFO’s in 1942!
RAF planes had encountered a silver, round craft of great speed over the English Channel while on spy missions and air raids. Prime Minister Winston Churchill made the decision to suppress this knowledge of UFOs, supposedly because he felt that people would panic at the knowledge of alien life forms and that it would also affect people’s belief in their religion, an important component in a war winning strategy. What a different world it would be today, if he had allowed news of these alien visitors to be common knowledge and not joined the USA in their cover ups on the often pilot sighted 'foo fighters'!

Mama on Mars?


Some truly odd shapes are being picked up by the Mars rover as it makes its way across the red planet’s surface. Objects include ‘happy faces’, a jelly doughnut shape and this mysterious figure. Some people say it is Jesus, while other say that it looks like a Martian woman meditating.

What do you think?

Alien Abduction Beacons in Your Home!
image-537770-Grey  alien face.jpg?1447308630437
Many emails are sent to us concerning alien abductions and sightings of alien Beings known as 'The Greys'. We are often asked, "How can we get rid of these frightening beings and what draws them to us?" If you have similar concerns, hopefully this short article will help you.

We are often dismayed to see in the bedrooms of young children and teenagers, toys and posters depicting the aliens known as 'The Greys'. The skinny, small figures with large black eyes have been replicated in enormous numbers as toys, figurines, motifs on cups & DVD's, lamps, pictures and wall hangings. Tee shirts, hats and other items of clothing which depict these aliens are often popular with teens. Unfortunately what most people don't realise is that having these supposedly funny or innocuous items in their homes, actually draws in these manipulative alien Beings whose intent is not of the highest!

Most loving parents would not purposely set up an 'alien beacon' in their homes in order to draw in negative Beings who would kidnap and experiment on their children, but unfortunately, this is exactly what they are doing. The teenager who decorates his or her bedroom with an alien lamp, poster or figurine is also unaware that they are unconsciously giving permission for aliens to visit and transport them away for their own sinister ends.

It may sound alarmist and unbelievable to you that abductions like this do occur, but thousands of responsible people have reported them over the last 60 years. The Greys have even been mentioned in ancient texts and often confused as devils or imps.

Increasingly people are realising that what you focus your attention on manifests to you. If you are surrounded by alien images, what do you think is likely to happen? Obviously alien contact!

We have channelled many psychic messages about these small, manipulative aliens over the last 15 years, including -

Commander Ashtar (a positive, spiritual alien) tells us about the negative or spiritually un-awakened, Aliens,

"Most have left the Earth, but some remain, as a final backlash of the negative. These are the Zeta Reticuli or Greys, as you know them, who come to abduct and cause havoc and live on the energy of fear. They are cold and unemotional and work as a group consciousness. They come from the 4th dimension and can abduct people in a 4th dimensional state as well as in the 3rd dimension. They are experiencing reproductive problems within their race and have found that they have a similar DNA structure to humans and hope that by experimentation, they can continue their species. Morally this is not wrong, but abducting unwilling participants forcibly, is very wrong!"

How, then can you protect yourself and your family, in a sensible and safe manner, from possible abduction?
Firstly remove ALL alien type items from your home and workplace. Don't donate them to charity or pass them on to someone else, as this will only cause others grief. It is better to destroy or burn them safely.

Then spiritually cleanse your home by -

1. Surrounding yourself in a golden auric egg of divine light (imagine it around you as a golden protective light).

2. Walking through your home with a lighted candle and asking your own angelic guides to walk with you and cleanse the house completely of the former alien vibration.

3. Open the windows and doors for a few minutes and allow the negativity out and fresh new energy in.

4. Aloud send a request to the Universe that -

"I ask for no further contact with The Greys or other negative alien beings!"

5. Ask Archangel Michael and his Protector angels to surround your house with golden light and to keep 'The Greys' away permanently.

6. Keep mentally positive and don't think about these aliens. If thoughts of them intrude, call in Archangel Michael and imagine yourself surrounded in golden, protective, auric armour.

7. Increase your spiritual light by meditation and good deeds, they will then find easier targets.

Even if you find the idea of Alien contact and abduction ridiculous or unlikely, why let your family or yourself take the risk of abduction and manipulation, when in a few minutes and with decisive action, you can eliminate the threat forever?

Blessings with your lives.

May they be fulfilling, content and safe.

Love and Light

The Abbotts

Mysterious Sirius

Sirius a bright star in the constellation of Canis Major has always held a mysterious fascination for the people of Earth. The early Egyptians revered the planet as being the home of the Gods. Its rising happened to coincide with the annual flooding of the Nile. This event was the most important natural ritual in the Egyptians' spiritual calendar. The Nile provided most of the nation with crop and personal use water.

The Egyptians identified the planet Sirius with the Goddess Isis or the Divine Mother. They believed that the Gods of Sirius, Isis, Osiris, Horus and Set, amongst many others, created the human race and introduced it to their many special intergalactic gifts of science, mathematics, music and art.

The Dogon people of Mali have ancient maps of Sirius A and Sirius B. Their map shows that Sirius B circles Sirius A every 50 years. The Dogons believe that they too were seeded by the Sirians and have been visited intermittently by them, throughout history. The amazing thing about these interstellar charts is that until 1915, Sirius B was not even fully confirmed as a planet, because it is invisible to the naked eye. And yes, astronomers have found that it is circled by Sirius B every fifty years! This means that somehow the Dogons had astronomical information, not yet known to 20th century mankind!

Two theories have been put forward by more open minded archaeologists - the first, that an earlier unknown civilisation had access to sophisticated telescopes, or secondly, that the Sirians did indeed, visit the Dogons and leave them a star map to their home world.

What do you think?

UFO Info

Facts you may not know about the Unidentified Flying Object phenomena

Amongst the first UFO's seen widely, were those investigated in Scandinavia in the 1930's. These strange multi-engine craft, known as ghost fliers, were able to fly through severe blizzards in remote areas, without refueling. They targeted military bases and ships. Despite numerous investigations by Sweden and Norway, no explanation has ever been found for these strange aircraft.

In 1930 the mysterious disappearance of a large tribe of Eskimos, at Lake Anjikuni, Canada, caused a local sensation. Over 1200 people mysteriously disappeared, after a strange craft was seen in the skies. They had left their rifles, their dogs, food and clothing behind. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have never discovered what happened to these people and the case is still open.

Unofficially many American pilots encountered 'foo fighters', mysterious, fast moving aircraft, in the skies, during the Second World War. They were dismissed as secret, experimental war aircraft, designed by the Japanese or Germans. However, no such aircraft were claimed by these two countries, after the war.

The first American pilot to officially make a UFO sighting was Kenneth Arnold in June 1947. He reported seeing nine crescent shaped objects over Mt. Rainier in Washington State, USA travelling at a speed of 1,700 miles per hour. The fastest planes at that time, travelled at half that speed. Authorities at the time dismissed the sighting as hailstones!

The most famous UFO incident occurred at Roswell, New Mexico in June, 1947 when the airforce released the statement that a UFO had crashed in the fields of a local ranch. Later the statement was retracted and the alien craft was demoted to a weather balloon and still later a spy balloon. However, many Airforce and Army personnel have come forward since, to describe the alien figures (Greys) found at the crash site and how they were moved to the mysterious Hanger 51. Nurses who worked on the bodies have mysteriously died. Wreckage from the site, souvenired by spectators, often surfaces, then disappears and secret alien autopsy films are rife. Whatever the truth of Roswell, it has caught the imagination of the public, who refuse to let the incident die.

In July, 1952 numerous UFO's were sighted over the White House and the Capitol, Washington in the USA. Eight fast moving objects were followed on civilian and air force radar. Strange orange lights were seen in the skies on a number of occasions. Interceptor aircraft were sent out from a nearby air force base but as they honed in on the UFO's they mysteriously vanished, then reappeared when the jets passed.

Senior officers were convinced that this was a genuine UFO encounter, but later, at a press release, government 'experts' declared the mysterious objects to be weather inversions. The three senior officers later resigned, one to head a UFO group, one to help in the making of a documentary on UFO's and the other to write a book on UFO's!

At Socorro, New Mexico in 1964, a Patrolman Zamora, was chasing a speeding car when he heard an overhead roar and saw a space craft land nearby. He saw two four foot figures in white, moving around the stationary object. He radioed in for help, but the space-craft disappeared over a nearby mountain range. He and another patrolman found four deep depressions and burn marks at the site. Dr Hynek of Operation Blue Book, was convinced of Zamora's sincerity and admitted he did not believe it was a hoax.

Cattle and other animal mutilations have been mysteriously connected to the UFO phenomena, for decades. One of the first officially reported was the death and mutilation of a horse 'Lady', in Alamosa, Colorado, in 1967. Her skinned carcass (with brain and spinal cord missing), was found in an area crushed by the heavy weight of a circular craft, with six circular indentations, 4" deep in the soil.

Similar stock mutilations in many different countries have been reported up to the present time. The incisions in the carcasses are precise and surrounded by blackened edges, from the use of high speed and high temperature tools. UFO's are often sighted in the areas, prior to and after the mutilations.

NASA crews on space missions have reported strange objects following or flying along side of them. A Gemini IV astronaut James McDivitt sighted an odd cylindrical object and took photographs of the anomaly. The Gemini V crew was informed by radar experts at Cape Kennedy that they had a large object keeping pace with their space craft. It later disappeared when they travelled out of range of the tracking equipment. Gemini VII was also the target of a UFO that they reported as a 'bogey' to Houston. Space debris was later suggested as a possible culprit. Unconfirmed sightings of UFO's on the moon by Apollo crews have also been claimed widely.

Russian space crews have described to TASS news service, of angelic beings that followed their spacecraft, for days at a time. These are Arcturans, highly developed spiritual Beings who take on angelic shapes when sighted. In truth they are masses of highly evolved energy that float through space.

In 1980 in the United Kingdom in Suffolk, an incident known as the Rendlesham Incident occurred, which has never been fully explained. RAF (Royal Air Force) personnel and American servicemen from two nearby Air Force bases, observed a glowing triangular object with tripod, hovering then landing, in the nearby forest. Nearby, animals panicked and stampeded. A Lieutenant Colonel Halt and over 80 RAF personnel reported the incident to the Ministry of Defense and one airman, Warren, added that he had seen three alien beings with large eyes, within the craft. The Ministry of Defense did not officially follow up the sightings.

Unmarked grey and sinister black helicopters are often sighted after UFO activity. Men in Black (MIB's) in old Cadillacs are known to interview and terrorise UFO enthusiasts, who report their sightings. They often display odd habits, threaten the UFO observers and appear not to recognize normal objects such as jelly or ask peculiar questions. The FBI and other national investigative agencies have no admitted knowledge of the M.I.B.s

image-537782-Aliens looking at Earth   cartoon.jpg?1447309020092

"Don't be silly my dear, how could there be life on Earth!"

The Impossible Chart

A strange, ancient navigation chart was discovered in Istanbul in 1929 which showed parts of the southern hemisphere, including Antarctica. The map was dated around the 16th century and was believed to be a copy of a much earlier map. The astonishing fact was that it showed Antarctica before it was covered with ice! (Ice-covered Antarctica was not even discovered until 1818.)

This meant that the map had to be over 6000 years old!

Also, from the angle that the map was drawn, it could only have been drawn from an aerial view. Perhaps, from a prehistoric plane, balloon or UFO?

What do you think?

The First UFO Abduction Case

Have you ever wondered who was the first person in the 20th century, to have publicly acclaimed alien contact? The honour goes to a farmer, Antonio Villas-Boas of Brazil, in October 1957.

This is his story -

One night after a party, Antonio and his brother Joao retired to their bedroom. Suddenly the room was flooded with a bright fluorescent light from outside, which lit up the room. Antonio also saw a bright light sweep upwards into the night sky. A few days later, he was to see the light twice, over two consecutive nights.
On the night of October 15th, 1957, Villas Boas was ploughing his fields late at night, when an egg-shaped craft hovered over him. He tried to escape on his tractor, but the engine failed and the space craft easily overtook him. Villas tried to run away, but was confronted by a short creature who he pushed aside. Three other aliens then grabbed him and carried him onto the space ship, where he was stripped examined and had blood samples taken.

He described the aliens as short, dressed in tight fitting siren suits made from a grey, striped material. They wore grey helmets and round goggles obscured their eyes. None of the aliens ever spoke to Antonio, but used signals and gestures instead. Grey, oily smoke was then pumped into the room which made him sick. Then a naked, young, short woman with white hair and slanted blue eyes entered the room. She initiated sexual intercourse twice and then left the room, after first pointing at her stomach and then pointing to the sky southward.

One of the male aliens then gave Villas-Boas a short tour of the ship, showing him several machines that emitted a purple light. The interior of the ship was lit with a pale, green light. He was then taken outside of the ship and a few moments later, it lifted silently into the night sky. Antonio then found that 4 hours had passed, during his very strange encounter!

The Mysterjous Face on Mars

image-537784-Face on Mars  photo.jpg?1447309269268

One of the strangest artifacts photographed on a U.S. space mission is the bizarre 'Face on Mars.' First photographed by the Viking probes in 1976, over a region known as Cydonia on the planet Mars, this unique, mile long structure, shows a definite three dimensional representation of a human-like face.

Nearby, are pyramid shapes and a strange conical mound with a ramp-like structure attached. NASA first dismissed the objects shown on film, as mere tricks of light, but further photographs filmed from other angles, showed more detail to the head, including teeth, eyeballs and ornate headdress. According to a former space consultant, Richard Hoagland, the artifacts are archeological relics of an ancient civilization over 500,000 years old. Until humans land on Mars and investigate the artifacts more fully, the strange anomaly of the human face on Mars remains an intriguing mystery.

P.S. Scientists have recently found bacteria on Mars which indicates that there is or has been life on Mars at some time!

Crop Cirles


The crop circle phenomena came to prominence around 20 years ago. Strange circles were found in grain fields in Britain, USA, Europe and Australia. Often in isolated fields, away from roads and habitats, perfectly shaped circles appeared overnight. When examined, the grain stalks had been bent back but not broken, by some strange force. The farmers in the area often observed lights over the fields and a strange high-pitched whistling was heard at times.

In time, the large round circles became more intricate in design and complicated fractal (mathematical) shapes were created within hours in grain fields. They are often astonishing in their beauty and uniqueness.
Of course, some skeptics jumped on the news bandwagon and several mischievous hoaxers admitted to making several of the more simple circles with large boards. No one however, was able to explain how these two impoverished men were able to travel thousands of miles in one night, to create complicated mathematical patterns in various countries! Yet many unthinking people still brand all Crop Circles as hoaxes!

We were sent several stalks from a grain field in southern England where a fractal crop circle had been created overnight. Spiritual and psychic people were drawn to the area that is located along an important earth meridian, known in Britain, as Mary and Michael ley lines. Often cathedrals and monasteries are built on these high cosmic voltage ley lines. Stone Henge with its magnificent circles of huge standing stones is built on such an intersection of ley lines.

By running our hands over the grain stalks from this particular crop circle, we were able to feel an odd low buzz that is not naturally inherent in the grain stalks. Naturally, we asked an Ascended Master Joachim about Crop Circles in our next channelling session and this is what he briefly channelled.

"Often higher beings, such as the Ashtar Command will create such symbols to awaken dormant psychic skills within you. It is a cosmic wake-up call, to remind you who you are! Each symbol has a special significance. One symbol perhaps, will help to awaken people from the different constellations who have colonised Earth. You all subconsciously know your own call signs! When you see and recognise on some inner level this symbol, you will often feel a special compulsion to discover your spiritual beliefs, try out your psychic talents or have odd dreams that are prophetic or emotionally revealing. So you will find one circle pattern will intrigue and stir you and others won't!

Why not look up a crop circle website on the internet and see what the symbols do for you!

How are they created? By a small, hand held, black box that emits a high frequency signal. Low flying, robotic craft can be used to achieve this or specially programmed light ships. Remember, we are working with advanced higher level technology! They can be created in a few minutes. Amazing isn't it! And fun too! They are meant to be enjoyed and to amuse, as well as awaken you! Mother Gaia's energy is also borrowed (with her consent) to create these circles.

So don't be worried about these special heavenly signs, investigate them and enjoy!

Love and Light,


UFO Channellings


The Abbotts

Q 1. Do UFO's really exist? What is their spiritual purpose?

A 1. Spirit has told us many times that YES, Aliens and UFO's do exist.

We are not alone! Of course, as in all creation, there is the negative and the positive, the good and the bad. There are aliens who come to bring knowledge and promote peace and others that come to exploit the planet and human Beings.

Amongst the higher, more spiritual aliens that have channelled through The Abbotts, is Commander Ashtar of the Intergalactic Federation of Planets. In his own words, he tells us that, “You have asked many times why the Ashtar Command does not make its presence felt more firmly and third dimensionally, upon the Earth? But, you have been told many times that this is a 'Freewill Planet'. You decide what will happen here! Only occasionally can we intervene.

You will have to work, in the future with this freedom energy and as your manifestation skills increase, you will manifest what you think about, create the life you wish for. Be very careful what you think about. If you think of fear, pain, poverty and hate you will create those negative conditions around you. Stay in the Now and feel the bliss of connection to Spirit. Create peace, love and light.

Our Master and Head of our Command is Sananda, which is the cosmic name, of one, who you would call Jesus Christ, so we work in the Light from the very highest. Amongst the Command are many beings from many solar systems, many planetary systems, from the farthest ends of the Universe, who work in the Light to help such planets as Earth to raise its vibration to the highest and to help humanity come back once more to the Light.

We have Beings aboard our fleets, many volunteers from the Pleiades and other primary Constellations. We would awaken you to your misuse of the planet - its environmental pollution. You are caretakers of this planet. Its life is symbiotic with your own. It depends on you. You depend on her. Treat her with respect as you so long ago promised to do!”

Ashtar also, tells us about the negative or spiritually un-awakened, Aliens, "Most have left the Earth, but some remain, as a final backlash of the negative. These are the Zeta Reticuli or Greys, as you know them, who come to abduct and cause havoc and live on the energy of fear. They are cold and unemotional and work as a group consciousness. There are also, the Draconians or Lizzies, who work behind the scenes of your government and big business, manipulating events for their own ends. There are as well, some Sirian shape shifters who cause problems, fear and pain.

Many of them will come in the guise of the gentle Pleiadians, in the future. Do not mistake beauty for truth or love. If you encounter any of these beings, close your eyes and feel from your third eye and heart, if they are truly what they say they are. If their emanation is cold, distant and unloving, they are not from the highest. If it is not from the highest - send it away! Call in the violet light of freedom and encircle yourself and the planet in it. Do not however, hate them or fear them. Send them Love and Light, that it many raise their spiritual consciousness."

Ashtar also comments briefly, on some of the UFO's which enter our atmosphere. "Many light vehicles before they enter Earth's atmosphere, are actually living Beings of light. They are a combination of all the energies of the Beings aboard them, plus their own energy. You have yet to realise that there can be other life forces, beyond those of sentient Beings. We need to come into physical form, as we come into the third dimension and our craft become more metallic and hard in structure. As we come out of the higher dimensions, we become visible to you. When we wish to become invisible, we 'right angle' into the fourth and higher dimensions.'

Star Gates

image-537788-stargate 21.jpg?1447309599354

Q 1. What is a Star Gate and what is their use?

A 1. A star gate, the Masters told us in our channellings, "is an energy tunnel to another dimension or constellation. It is a quick access route for advanced aliens to travel to Earth.

In third dimensional form, humans cannot travel down star gates, as their bodies could not take the strain, however, as humanity rises in vibration, those that are pure in nature and form will be able to travel to other galaxies, such as the Pleiades...

The Zeta Reticuli, also known as the Greys who exist in the upper third to fourth dimension have blasted their way, with the use of their advanced technology, down the star gate tunnels. This causes, not only damage to the star gate, but also, negatively affects the area, where the star gate is located.

A major star gate is located in the Middle East, which is often used by the Greys. Subsequently, there is often unrest and war in that area, due to the negative vibrations caused by the forcing open and misuse of a star gate. They are meant to be opened and used with higher spiritual intent, not as a quick access route for beings with selfish intentions."

Alien Plants Among Us!


It may not be easily to find alien Beings on Earth, but wait! There is one that we all know - the Venus Flytrap. This very odd and carnivorous plant originated in the craters of small meteors around Wilmington, North Carolina. Perhaps, brought in as spores on the meteors?

The Venus Flytrap likes hot, swampy conditions. It is capable of movement and is able to shut its trap over unsuspecting insects, at a speed of 100 milliseconds (less than a second). Thank heavens; they are small plants and not giant trees! No other similar plants are found on Earth. Makes you wonder what else we will encounter on other planets!

Your Personal UFO Stories

The 1960’s the Port Kembla R.S.L. club in Australia was lit up like day by a hovering craft, round in shape. People ran from the car park screaming into the foyer, where the door man and patrons came to the commotion.

Later that evening, my to be husband and mother witnessed huge, round craft, lights under and lots of wheels within wheels, as it hovered above Lake Commandigi, a fresh water lagoon right next to sand hills Port Kembla beach. Aborigines had their camp there also. I as a child spent many good times catching baby turtles in the lagoon. After that sighting, mother became obsessed with UFO’s and had boxes of newspaper clips and all she said over and over was 'Wheels within wheels!' Deni

Q 1. Have Tony & Robyn ever seen a UFO?

A 1. Robyn: Yes, I saw a silver, metallic flying object over the Megalong Valley, New South Wales, Australia around 10 years ago. It moved at a considerable speed across many kilometers in several seconds, then returned and repeated the action. This was in daylight. Of course, since that time I have channelled many alien Beings (the good, helpful kind such as the Ashtar Command) who have confirmed this UFO sighting.

Tony: Certainly! When Robyn and I owned a small property out west several years ago, one day I looked up through our large lounge-room window one day to see a UFO hovering nearby. It was an amazing sight which lasted for several seconds and then flashed away.

There is someone out there!