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By The Abbotts

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Book Titles

100 Questions - Answered by the Ascended Masters

2036 - Starseeds & the Apophis Asteroid!

2016 to 2028 - The Hope Years! - Preparing for Cosmic Changes!

50 Great Mysteries Explained - From a Psychic Perspective


A Blessing of Unicorns

A Child Through The Ages - 12 Exciting Stories!

A Flight Through Time - Adventure, Time Travel & Romance! - A Quick Read Book

A Gentle Transition - A Guide to Loss and the Fear of Death

A Little Place on the River - Convicts and Settlers of Early Australia

A Tree Change - From a Spiritual Perspective

A Year of Meditations - 52 Meditations to Change Your Life for the Better!

Adventures of the Cosmic Women - A Quick Read Book

Alien Children - Their Traits & Purpose on Earth!

Alien Contact Guide - How to Contact Aliens Safely!

Alien Greys - The Greys, the Whites & Humanity!

Alien Health and Fitness - Wisdom for You to Use!

Alien Messages - News from Distant Worlds!

Alien Update - News from Other Worlds!

Aliens, UFO’s & Stargates

Amy and the Angel

An End to War - Spiritual Solutions for a Peaceful Future!

Ancient Atlantean Wisdom - An Amazing 10 Part Course!

Ancient Lemurian Knowledge Course

Andromedan Adventurer - A Cosmic Tale - A Quick Read Book

Angelic Advice - Spiritual Advive from Divine Begins

Angels In Our South Field - A Quick Read Book

Animals And Spirit - Healing, Purpose & Clans

Apollo Men Course

Ascension Now! - A Guide to Accelerated Spiritual Growth For Everyone

Astral Travel Course - How to have Out of Body Experiences

Aura Cleansing Course - For Better Health!

Awakening the Angel Within Course - Angelic Powers Can Be Yours!

Bethany Brown's Extraordinary Past Life!

Beyond Death - What Really Happens!

Beyond Shangri-la - The Adventures of a Himalayan Monk!

Blocks and Hurdles - Overcoming Problems That Are Holding You Back!


Chakra Balancing Course - Better Health in Six Easy Lessons!

Channelling Course - Spiritual & Psychic - In 10 Easy Lessons

Crystal Ball Gazing & Scryeing Course

Communicating With the Nature Kingdoms Course

Confidence Through Self-hypnosis! - Work, Study, Love, Health & Spirit

Cosmic Scientists - Are We Part of the Experiment?


Dealing With Difficult Men

Department 33 - Paranormal Crime Unit

Divorce & Separation - The Spiritual Approach to Relationship Breakdowns

Dowsing and Pendulum Course

Dragon's Lair - A Boy, a War and a Dragon! Drugs - Why You Don't Need Them!

Dream Time Magic and Other Australian Legends - A Quick Read Book
Drugs - Why You Don't Need Them!


Ego Out of the Box - How to Stop Creating Chaos in Your Life!

Elves In the Machine and Other Oddities of the 4th Dimension

Empaths - Are You One ?

Everybody's Beautiful! - You Are Perfect As You Are!

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Aliens

Everything's Connected!


Five Choices - For a Wonderful Life!

Flowing With The Universe

Forgiveness - How to Forgive and be Forgiven!

Future Lives - Psychic Visions of the Future!


Gaia - Mother Nature

Gem Elixirs - Magical liquids for health!

Guilt and Attonement - Solutions to Shame and Remorse

Girl on An Ice Floe - A Quick Read Romance, Adventure & Spirituality

Golden Lads and Lasses - A Quick Read Romance

Good vs Evil - The Final Conflict!


Happiness, Wealth & Prosperity Course

Heavens Above! - Angels, Aliens and more!

Help! - Higher Answers to Everyday Problems

Henry’s Ghost Stories - A Spooky Romp!

Hermetic Healing Course - A 10 Part Spiritual Healing Course

High Finance - A Spiritual Approach to Money!

Higher Self - Becoming the Master You!

How Other People's Thoughts Affect You! - Solutions & Protection

How to Become an Angel!

How to Be Lucky! - Using Psychic Power’s for a Better Life!

How to Care for Alien Pets & Other Wacky Questions!

How to Mend a Broken Heart

How to Survive on Planet Earth


I am a Cosmic Woman! - The Women of Bellatrix, Taxos, Pentax & more!

I am a Middle-Earther - Subterranean Lives!

I Am a Pleiadian - Starseeds on Earth!

I Am a Sirian - Starseeds on Earth!

I Am an Andromedan

I am an Arcturan! - Divine Beings on Earth!

I Am an Orion! - Friendly Alien Beings On Earth!

I Don't Want to be Age! - A Guide for the Starseeds

I Don't Want to be Here - Depression, Apathy & Suicide Solutions

If you can't be good, be kind!

I'm in Love with an Alien! - Advice for Off-Planet Romances

Imagination Can Get You Everything!

India - Land of Light!

I Want a Divorce - 10 Cautionary Tales of Separation - Fiction


Jarl of Orion - A Cosmic Adventure!


Karma - How does it affect your life?


Lady Madonna - The Eternal Mother Speaks!

Legally Lost - A Quick Read Psychic Romance

Lifting the Veil - How to become a Spirit Medium!

Living in the 4th Dimension

Living With The Light Body - A Guide to 21st Century Health

Lost Secrets of the Ancients - A Psychic Adventure

Love On Other Planets

Lucid Dreaming Course - Empower Your Life!


Magical Beings - Myths & Magic

Magic High - Where the Supernatuaral Rules!

Mary Magdalena - The Wife of Jesus' Story

Medium Rare - Murder, Mystery & the Paranormal

Merkabah! - Your Amazing Spiritual Vehicle!

Mister Patagonia
Moccasins and Magic - American Indian Spirituality
Moon Goddess Course - Awaken the Female Energy!